My School Anywhere to Membership Toolkit

Hello Moorlands PTA Members!

A transition period has come up with our membership software and we need to alert you to some changes.

Our current system (My School Anywhere) that we use to electronically manage payments, the directory, and volunteer signups has merged with Membership Toolkit. As a result, we are transitioning over to Membership Toolkit as MSA is being retired effective October 31st.

Last weekend we did a full migration from MSA to Membership Toolkit and all of your data was automatically migrated over by the Membership Toolkit Team.

What does this mean for you?

  • Parents must create a Membership Toolkit Account - you can not log in using your MSA email and password.

  • When parents create an account you should use the SAME EMAIL address that you used in MSA to connect to contact record in Membership Toolkit

  • Once Parents verify their email, you will need to log in and complete or confirm your data under Family Information and Directory Publish Preferences.

  • To access schools on the Mobile App, parents must FIRST create an account and log in on the school's Membership Toolkit website (for each School they are associated with) before you can access your school(s) on the Mobile App

In addition to this transition, you will also be receiving an e-mail to create an account in MemberPlanet. MemberPlanet is the membership software that Washington State PTA uses and where we are required to send your information in order for you to have an active PTA membership.

Why are there two membership systems? Why can't you just use MemberPlanet? Excellent questions! WSPTA transitioned to MemberPlanet in August and we soon realized it has some fatal errors that don't allow us (Moorlands PTA) to utilize it for processing our memberships at Moorland. We are not the only school with problems and MemberPlanet is aware of the difficulties and will hopefully be able to correct them. At that time, we will be able to go to one system. Until then, we appreciate your help and hope to make this as painless as possible.

Please be patient as we are still learning the system as we go. If you have issues please reach out to