From Jennifer Blasi-Madigan

I'm writing tonight to celebrate all our Moorlands Volunteers (they were celebrated today at the Volunteer Tea) and to acknowledge the new Moorlands Elementary PTA Board stepping into their roles.

Every hour given to helping at school goes towards making all our children have a warmer and better school experience. Volunteers fill roles from academic tasks to safety patrol to field trip assistants to creating school community events to executive board positions that keep PTA running as a successful non-profit org. Let's all take a moment and thank our amazing Moorlands Elementary Volunteers - those who are PTA related and those who not.

PTA conducted elections roughly two weeks ago - and we have a new exciting team to head things up for the coming school year. Let's all please welcome them into their new positions. Newly elected for the coming year:

  • Quinn Wyatt, President

  • Bridget Dwyer, Co-VP Volunteers

  • Veronica Fine Webb, Co-VP Volunteers

  • Terra Rea Smith, VP Communications

  • Heidi Nierman, VP Events

  • Jamie Gonzalez, VP Events

  • Nathaniel Myer, Treasurer

  • Karen Margarint, Secretary

  • Ian Dell, Co -VP Fundraising

  • Serenity Delaney Dillaway, Co-VP Fundraising

  • Nahal Dousti Li, Co-VP Membership

  • Heather Carney Schmidt, Co-VP Membership

As a community - let's come together to lift them up for taking the leadership roles they have just committed to - please tell them thank-you the next time you see them. Executive Board is a significant job in any role you step into.

At the same time - I wish to express my unending and bottomless thanks to all the women/men who have helped over the past two years of my tenure as president & Co-President. Jean Crothers Wedenig, Leanne Geddeis Holes, Pascale Biscarlet, Tanja Bodrozic Fournier, Tara Shepherd Eubanks, Lisa Grekowicz Smith, Marcilla Proudfit, Bridget Dwyer, Jennifer Berry, Berit Evenstad, Bekah Huryn, Tu Duong. Your sense of humor and dedication made it possible for me to keep going on many long nights. Thank you thank you - it was fun and we did MANY great things.

Finally - PTA is the voice and the advocate possibility for all parents, children, and families at both local, state and national levels. Please support the PTA with your memberships, your dollars, and your time. A little bit goes a long way to making our school an exceptional community. I will see you all at Math Challenge and Parent Ed events next year!

Over and out Moorlands. It's been lovely.

Jenn Blasi-Madigan